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Storm damage, such as flooding can be disastrous. Water seeping in from floods may be infested with cholera, pet waste, oil, gasoline, infectious diseases, etc. Your property is in need of a company with professionals ready to mitigate the loss properly.


Storms have the potential to damage your property in many different ways. Whether by water, wind, or fire, you need to take the proper steps in restoring your property. Below are a few samples of the damages a storm can cause and the possible health risks:

Flood Damage: Flood waters are contaminated waters. They can carry infectious diseases and anyone coming in contact with the floodwater runs the risk of getting sick. Once floodwaters enter your home, you need to properly remove the standing water. This includes areas hard to reach, like the inside of your walls, cabinetry, etc. 

Wind Damage: Water entering your property due to wind driven damage can cause hidden damages. If it seeps in from your windows, roofing, or any other opening caused by wind, the leaks could spread within the walls and ceiling, running a higher risk for mold growth. 

Fire Damage: Fires are not only destructive, but also create additional damage and health risks due to smoke and soot. 

Why choose our team?

  • ​24/7 Response team.

  • Direct Insurance Billing.

  • Generator assistance if needed, while allowing personal use for your family. (Subject to availability)

  • Licensed technicians in services provided.

  • Free Evaluation

Areas Servicing Storm Losses:

We service Miami-Dade, Broward, Collier, Hillsborough, Lee, and Monroe County within 1 hour. Palm Beach County within 2 hours. 

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