Heavy cleaning, disinfection,  and fogging services are great methods to help combat and destroy the virus. However, in order to be most effective, it is recommended to use these services daily. But there are 2 MAJOR problems the majority of business are facing:

1. This service is costly. Prices are ranging up to $2.50 per SQFT around the country. To put this into perspective, a 2000 SQFT office at only $1.00 per SQFT is a whopping $60,000.00 monthly. Even at 1/4 of the price, this service would still be $15,000.00. 

2. Even if a business could afford this astronomical price, the service is usually performed after hours, as some of the chemicals cannot be used with human traffic coming in and out. Meaning, there is no realtime protection or measures to help reduce the risk while people are walking in and out of the properties.
Casualty-Pro Restoration has the solution for you! Our low-cost monthly maintenance programs will not only help you reduce the risk of having the virus spread in your business, but it will also help give the peace of mind your customers need to feel safer. And all for a FRACTION of the price. Call us now for a free consultation at your local business.


Casualty-Pro Restoration is giving your business in Florida peace of mind by offering a Covid-19 package deal, that
is not only more effective than most companies but significantly reduces the chances of the virus spreading in your
business in REAL-TIME. Here is the best part, it’s at a fraction of the cost. To understand how this is possible, we
must first analyze what it is most companies are offering as services.

The general services being offered are cleaning, disinfecting, and fogging services. These work very well. In fact,
they are included in some of our packages as well. Here is the problem. These services are done after hours. And
with good reason. Some of these chemicals cannot be sprayed, fogged, or applied with traffic walking in and out, as
some may be harmful to humans. By applying them after hours, it gives the businesses enough time for the solutions
to dissipate, and make the area safe again to enter upon reopening the business the next day. Because of this reason,
there is no real-time protection. If the business opens at 9:00 AM, and at that exact moment someone infected
sneezes, coughs or creates any sort of action that could expel the virus unto the air, the virus will be circulating in
the building for up to 3 hours, (According to research conducted by UCLA)  increasing the chances of it spreading significantly. Even if some of these services could be used multiple times a day, they are too expensive as shown the example above. 


The safety of our employees and clients is the top priority. That is why the only solutions we use to combat the virus
are EPA approved. Not only are they EPA approved, but we use only the top quality products from the list. For example, bleach is EPA approved. However, bleach can also be damaging. Many companies might dilute bleach to fog
the property. This method does work to kill the virus. However, if not properly diluted, or too much is fogged in one
specific location, possible damage can occur to soft porous surfaces such as carpeting, furniture, clothing, etc. Casualty-Pro Restoration only uses top quality products for disinfecting. The products we use clean and disinfect without containing bleach. They kill 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds, and most allergens. They do not contain harmful chemicals and are non-flammable. They could even be applied on food surfaces with no rinse required. As a bonus, They also kills odor-causing bacteria. For more information, you may email us at or call us at 800-208-8139. 



If you refer back to the 2000 SQFT office example, the monthly cost with an affordable company was still
$15,000.00 with daily service on the property and WITHOUT real-time protection. Using the same example, our prices would start as low as $2,000.00 a month for a basic maintenance plan which includes ULV fogging service once
every week, the lease of our equipment for filtering the air every day for the entire month, the installation of equipment, and the filter replacement for the equipment. One service call to a regular company at $1.00 per SQFT would
cost you $2000 for one full service without including the equipment lease. In this basic package, you will have 4
ULV fogging services included, the equipment lease ( 1 Air Scrubber ) for as long as your service is active, and the
filter replacement every 2 weeks. Real-time protection, real peace of mind, and realistic pricing for every business. (
Refer to our “Price Guide” for more details in the breakdown )