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Kitchens are most common for leaks due to the many plumbing components within them. (Refrigerator, Dish Washer, Faucet, Supply lines, Piping, Etc.) Whether you struggle with a leaking problem, even a minor one, water can easily travel within the cabinetry invisible to the naked eye. Having a professional mitigating the problem can be the difference between suffering a small loss, and having to replace the entire kitchen due to possible mold.


When water invades your property, it will rapidly soak through anything it comes in contact with. If it contains contaminants, all organic materials will likely need to be restored. This is because contaminated liquid is the perfect environment for hosting a variety of microbes, including deadly viruses and bacteria. Simply drying up a leak with towels may not be enough to mitigate the damage. There are different categories for water losses and each category requires a certain amount of steps and measures to take in order to disinfect and dry properly. 


Here are brief descriptions about each category:


CATEGORY 1: Clean water. When a leak results from a supply line, (Supply lines provide clean water to faucets, refrigerators, Dishwashers, etc.) or other sources of clear water, it is considered to be "Category 1". This may be easily change once water particles come in contact with flooring, subflooring, or other types of materials.


For example: You may have copper piping running through your ceiling. A copper pipe may burst and cause a small food in the property. This could be considered "Category 1". But, if the property has a rat infestation, where they live within the attic, the water traveling down may pick up waste, therefore converting to "Category 3" rather quickly.


CATEGORY 2: Grey water. This type of water may cause sickness if consumed by someone. Leaks resulting from dish washer drain lines, trash disposals, etc. or even clean water that travels through materials such as dry wall from one room to another could be considered in thsi category.


CATEGORY 3: Black water. Water from this category may cause serious health risks or even death if consumed by someone. Sewage water, flood arising from rivers or storms (Due to the contaminents water picks up in the outside environment) are considered to be in this category. 

In conclusion, the longer the moisture is allowed to sit in your property, the more problems it will cause. This can result in additional expenses and health risks down the road

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