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Fire losses can be devastating to any property. Whether small or large, fire losses can cause heavy damages from the fire itself, smoke, and soot. Not only that, but due to the efforts of firefighters, water damage can also occur. Immediate action is recommended once firefighters do their part.


Just about anything fire touches ( If consumed in the fire for enough time) will suffer damage. Once the fire is put out, the next step is determining what was affected not only by the fire, but the smoke as well. Smoke particles are so small, that they can enter through the smallest of openings and cracks. The most common places could be the air ducts, light switches, wall outlets, inside drawers, clothing, furniture, light fixtures, etc. Reducing odors is one of the most important tasks once the fire is put out. There are three different classifications for smoke odor and residue depending on what type of materials were affected. Each with its own unique way of being handled.  Our licensed professionals are to help your property return to pre-loss condition fast and effectively. Smoke odors can linger for years if left untreated.

Why choose our team?

  • ​24/7 Response team.

  • Direct Insurance Billing

  • Licensed technicians in "Fire and Smoke Restoration", "Odor Control", and "Upholstery and Fabric Cleaning".

  • Free Evaluation

  • Team members with past firefighting experience.

Areas Servicing Fire Losses:

We service all of Miami-Dade County within 30-60 minutes. Broward County within 2 hours. 

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